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Peltzi's Steel-effect tutorial for The GIMP

Now let's make a nice steel-looking effect for a text for example. It's not too complicated, and you can apply it anywhere you like.

This is what I'm talking about:

1. Create a new image
The size doesn't matter, just pick the one that fits best. Write the text you want to ensteel. It can be white, black or grey, but no other. Then fit the layer to the canvas.
Layer->Layer to image size
Then you can delete the Background -layer.
2. Fill with gradient
Select the gradient tool, from black to white, linear, repeat none, Select Value mode. Drag the gradient a bit underneath the text to the top of the text.
3. Add bevel
Script-FU->Decor->Add bevel
The settings are pretty much up to you, but you don't need the bump layer.
4. Adjust curves
Settings as shown in the image. Twist the curve until the result pleases you. If you pull the curve downwards, the image gets darker and if you pull it upwards, the image gets lighter. Very steep curves cause ugly edges into the image, so avoid them. I twisted the curve like this.
Now the image should be fairly similar to this:

Congratulations, the effect is now complete. But hey... a reflection could do well there. Let's create one.

Add a background.Fill it with black.

Flatten the image.
Image->Flatten imgae

Add reflection. A good way to align the reflection accurately is to move the cursor to the target position and read the coordinations in the lower left corner of the window.

Memorize the coordinates or write them down. Then open the reflection tool.
Filters->Light effects->FlareFX
Insert the coordinates in their fields and click OK.

That's it, we're all done. See if adjusting contrast could enhance the result in some way. Here's mine again:

Tip: If you'd like to colourize the text, then after the fourth step select:
Play with these controllers until the result pleases you. You can also use bumpmapping instead of Adding bevel. Then you can get results like this:

What do you think? Let me know! (Tutorials are rated as 10 being the best)


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