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Fierce flames

Now we're about to create fierce flames. I've seen several tutorials about creating flames but most of them lack something. This is my way. The result will be like this:

1. Create a new document

The size is up to you. Fill it with a gradient from black to white, from top to bottom. If you want, you can add some radial gradients from white to transparency, above the flames and finish them with Gaussian blur (around 25 pixels).

2. Create displacement map

Create a displacement map for later use with Solid noise. For that, create a new layer and then go to ->Filters->Render->Clouds->Solid noise In the settings the X size must be clearly greater than Y, Tileable and Detail 15. Finish the displacement map with Curves. ->Colors->Curves Displacement map should look like this. Some maps just colorify it and then they say it's ready. Heh, we're looking for far more than that.

3. Apply Displacement

Move your displacement map layer under the gradient layer and select the gradient layer. Then go to ->Filters->Map->Displace Displacement about 50 pixels, pick the Displacement map you just created and tick Edge behavior: Smear. And OK. Then apply a bit more curves as you did in step 2. The shape of the curve should look as follows: Result:

4. Gradient

We'll use gradient map to colorify our flames. Therefore a gradient must be created. To do this, find the Gradients -window (CTRL-G) and click "New gradient" in the bottom of the window. Gradient editor -window now appears on the screen, which you can create your own gradient with.

First widen the window for better handling. Now Right-click in the middle of the gradient editor field and choose black as the Left endpoint's color. Similarly choose color #EEB101 as the right.

The black pointers under the gradient editor field indicate the location of each color in the gradient. You can add new colors to the gradient using Drag'n'Drop -method as the red arrow shows. Add colors #801600, #CD4103 and #EEB101 to the locations shown in the image. The white ones adjust the abruptness of the change between two colors. Drag them too to the locations shown in the image. Then name your new gradient and click the disk icon in the lower-left corner of the window. Your gradient is now ready for use.

"Now that you've been floundering through this filthy swamp, I can inform you that there would have been a bridge." Along this cite from my friend PowerLife I can now provide you with my own version of the gradient. If you want it, click tästä.

5. Color

As said, we'll colorify the fire with Gradient map. It's done easily by selecting the correct gradient and then going to: ->Colors->Map->Gradient map If you did it right, the result is this And that's as far this tutorial will guide you. The most anxious gimpressionists could try to finish the result more realistic by, for example, adding glow or smoke above the flames. Like this: Peltzi's thanks for your interest!

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