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Brushed steel

Brushed steel is a stylish texture for decorating a website or styling a text, for example. It\'s not too hard to create, so just go ahead, try it.

1. Create a new image
As wide as high, fill with whatever you like.
2. Create Solid noise
Filters -> Render -> Clouds -> Solid noise
"Size" should be fairly low, below 1.
3. Scatter HSV
Filters -> Noise -> Scatter HSV

4. Disort/Blur
In this part there are a couple of different options. Either you choose to use Wind and Blur, or just Blur. In case you use Wind, do it first.
Filters -> Disorts -> Wind
Style: Wind, Direction: left, Edge affected: both
The sliders you can try later, but now on the first time, leave them as they are. When you've applied Wind, do it again, but in the other direction (Direction: right).

Then it's time for some Gaussian blur
Filters-> Blur -> Gaussian blur
Click the link next to the fields and set Vertical to zero, and Horizontal to 5. Later you can try other settings. If you didn't apply the wind, set a bigger value to Horizontal blurring, for example 15.

Siinä se alkais olla. Voit viimeistellä tuloksen rajaamalla reunoja pois ja/tai säätelemällä värientoistokäyriä. Tuloksesta tulee aika pop valoefektillä.
Suotimet -> Valoefektit -> Valoefektit

That's pretty much it. You can finish the result by cropping the edges off and/or by adjusting the Curves. The result will be real nice Lighting effects.
Filters -> Light effects -> Lighting effects

What do you think? Let me know! (Tutorials are rated as 10 being the best)


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