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Radioactive -symbol

Question: How is the radioactive -symbol made? The Answer: Like this.

1. Create a new image
Square-shaped, in this tutorial I'll be using 500x500 pixels.

2. Create a new layer.

3. Create a path
Select the paths tool and tick Polygonal. Click one anchor in the very middle of the document. The next one in the same height but one or two centimeters over the right edge of the document. The third one doesn't matter so much, just see the image. The fourth in the very bottom of the document, see the X coordinates from the equation below. Then, hold down CTRL and click on the first anchor to close the path.

You can calculate the X-coordinates from a trigonometric function.

Pick one of the following equations. The first two are equally accurate, the third is less accurate.
X=H+[square root of three]:3·H
X represents the X coordinate, H is half of the height of the document.
If the size of the image is 500 as in this tutorial, the equation returns 394,34, which is rounded and we get 394.

4. Fill the paths into sectors.
Now that you've completed the path, you can fill it. Click
Select -> From path
Now fill the selection with the colour you like.
Then flip the selection horizontally. Select the flip -tiil and set the affect to Selection. Fill the selection as before, then you can clear the selection.

5. Rotate the path.
Select and show your path. Then select the Rotate tool and set the affect to Paths. Rotate the path -120 degrees.

Now fill the third sector as described in step 4.

5. Crop the edge.
Pick the Ellipse selection tool and hold down SHIFT. The drag a selection from a corner of the image to the opposite corner of the image. Make sure you've enabled anti-aliasing. Then invert the selection
Select -> Invert
and clear the selection by pressing CTRL and K.

5. The center.
In the center of the symbol there's a loose circle. It's made as follows:
Choose the size of the circle and add the thickness of the empty space around it. I chose 50pix as the circle size and 20px as the thickness of the space. First use the ellipse selection tool to select along the outline of the empty space (the radius of the selection is the size of the circle plus the thickness of the space around it, for example 50pix+20pix=70pix) in the center of the image and clear its content. Zooming helps.

Then contract the selection by the thicness of the space.

6. Fill the center circle.
Apply the end of the step 4. Then clear the selection, remove Background and merge the layers. Done!

Then just stylize it. Have fun!

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